A new cultural
management vision

Over the years, the ability to manage cultural locations has become one of Reverse’s core businesses. In a world where it is very difficult to combine quality and economical efficiency, the Reverse team’s vision has found a way to optimize and enhance these locations, leading them to a constant growth over time.

Today, the locations under organizational and technical management are: Teatro Colosseo (Turin), Teatro Sociale (Pinerolo), Teatro Matteotti (Moncalieri), Cavallerizza Reale del Castello di Moncalieri.


Since 2013
Theatre Management


Organizative Direction
Executive Production
Technical Direction

Starting from a local analysis we have worked with local administrations to optimize processes and refine skills both in technical and organizational spheres.

A managerial vision that must follow a simultaneous trend in the management sector, with the use of special tools and by shortening interaction time.

The Colosseo Theatre represented in Reverse the first experience to result in a modern management and a precise division of roles, also due to director Claudia Spoto.

Carefully forming a team and making it tight-knit is one of the first objectives to pursue, as well as deeply analyzing the target audience and developing a uniform strategy for customer care.

Photo Credits: Alessandro Arnone, Jessica Carpentieri

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