A new festival experience

Stupinigi Sonic Park has the aim to satisfy a new way of enjoying concerts within an elegant, almost royal context. The events were conceived in response to the demand of new live music experiences. The artistic direction by Reverse agency guarantees the presence of great international and national artists, satisfying the needs of a territory where no events of similar size are organized.

This goes hand in hand with the efficient online and offline communication at all stages of the event.


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Since 2018
International Music Festival


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“An amazing lineup in the most sublime location”

la stampa

To consolidate the experience, Reverse has worked for a detailed customer care service. At the event site, this resulted in the distribution of free portable ashtrays, with a team of volunteers equipped with anti-mosquito sprays, free microfiltered water in the venue, and a high-level food park with zero-km food products. In terms of communication, the same actions resulted in the diffusion of the event as a multifaceted and polythematic one, in which not only the music, but also the attention to the environment, culture and food contribute to create a renewed live experience.

“An high level international festival”

Corriere della sera

After only two editions, Stupinigi Sonic Park has become one of the most important Italian and international exhibitions, thanks to the development of its concept through Reverse. The scale of the exhibitions, as well as the singularity of the location and the effectiveness of our marketing and advertising campaigns, have been able to provide a strong and distinct identity to a very young project.

Photo Credits: Marco Cometto, Elena Di Vincenzo, Dario Totaro

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