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Sikkens is part of the AkzoNobel Group, founded in 1792, and it is now a world leader in the production of paints for the constructions industry. The collaboration with this customer has resulted, for Reverse, in the realization of video commercials for the national promotion of new services and products. The work was always done by paying great attention to choosing the most effective languages and styles to use.

The goal we achieved was to practically demonstrate that it is possible to conceive and create emotional videos thanks only to the use of images, specifically chosen sounds and motion graphics.


Since 2015
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We have worked for several years on the enhancement of Colour Futures, a very important moment for the Akzonobel Group company, through the production of video and photo reportage shooting, and through the creation of both online and offline designs.

There is a very strong link between colours and human personality. The “Colori&Caratteri” project was born to give the possibility to decorate the house according to one’s personality.

Sikkens worked closely with Reverse, analyzing the different aspects of the human spirit to give shape to this project. The initiative was held in collaboration with the three-year photography course and the Masters in Interior Design at the IED of Turin.

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