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The European Institute of Design (IED) is a private Italian professional school of industrial design, fashion and visual arts founded in 1966. Today it operates in twelve cities around the world: Milan, Rome, Turin, Venice, Como, Florence, Cagliari, Barcelona, Madrid, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Many people working in Reverse are teachers in design, marketing or communication, both for three-year courses and master’s degrees. We believe it is also our responsibility to share our methods, approaches, techniques and tricks with the younger generation in order for them to be both prepared and ethically correct professionals.


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Our work is carried out with great passion, through the sharing of case histories which allow students to deeply understand all aspects of our job. At the same time, we value the insights and suggestions young students gift us during the lessons.

We also develop communication projects for and with the IED, in order to promote the services the Institute offers, enhance collaborations with important brands as well as exclusive events that are organized.

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