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Open Factory is a consolidated system, a cultural, networking and entertainment hub, as well as a multifunctional and innovative place for exchange and dialogue. The space is conceptually similar to the square of the ideal country: public and open to all, participatory and multicultural; a place where relationships and the regeneration of connections become potential resources for intergenerational debate.

Reverse has managed the space since 2019 including the restaurant area of Donaya Food&Culture.


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Since 2019
Location Management


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Our Coworking space is about sharing workspaces, while maintaining one’s professional identity

It is suitable for individual professionals, consultants, as well as small companies and start-ups. This gives rise to social interactions, collaborations and friendships.
In an increasingly fast and complex market, sometimes the strength lies in networks that can enrich those who are part of it, and build new opportunities.
Open Factory offers open space workstations with desks, internet, printer, scanner, a reception and cleaning services, allowing users to avoid having to think about the costs and management of their office. The environment is located in a beautiful setting, in the nature of a historical village, with a large car park and convenient to bus and train services.

The communication strategy surrounding the hub, as well as Donaya’s food area, is built around a balance between online and offline marketing. This allows a focus on potential local customers, as well as a projection towards curious and experimentation-oriented users.
The events, the training courses held by experts and the quality distinguishing the restaurant area are effectively communicated thanks to an intense work done to solidify the corporate identity.

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