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Leasys is part of FCA Group, the international banking group which specializes in automotive financial and insurance services.

The company was planning the renewal and restyling of their EMEA International and Corporate websites.
We made it happen: a highly responsive user experience where visitors can land on the content they’re looking for in just one click. As it often happens with our clients, the project didn’t end there: we started a day-by-day collaboration by setting up a dedicated team, in order to deliver daily designs.


Since 2019


Web Adv
Content production
Platform Development
Day-by-day design creation

“An innovative navigation structure, simple and intuitive.”

We developed a new user experience through a full reorganisation: all contents are accessible with a click, depending on the type of target, product and activity the user is looking for. The International and Corporate websites got their identity empowered by a redefined positioning of their sections.

“From a quick brief to an impactful design”

After the website development, we started a solid collaboration for the creation of daily designs. We set a tailored workflow up, so as to sustain the day-by-day completion of tasks and projects.

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